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William Optics
1.25" star diagonal

Price: 700 SEK

William 1.25" star diagonal - 1/10 Lambda - 99% reflectivity - carbon fiber body - D-125D

There are many 1.25" diagonals on the market - most of them in simple design with minor quality and cheap plastic body.
This 1.25" model by William Optics is a high quality alternative here. It has high quality optics and a solid carbon fiber body which does not only look good but also reduces weight.

Technical details:
-- 99% reflectivity with di-electrical coatings
-- Surface precision: 1/10 Lambda
-- Substrate thickness: 10mm
-- Telescope side connection: 1.25" with filter thread
-- Eyepiece side connection: 1.25" receptacle with brass compression ring
-- Weight: 0.22 kgs

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Baader Hyperion Zoom Barlow – 2,25x

Price: 500 SEK

Optimized to work perfect with Baader Hyperion 8-24 mm Zoom.

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Losmandy Piggy Back

Price: 1000 SEK

Fantastic quality and extremely stable construction despite the fact that it can be twisted and turned at any direction.
Works with both D and V series plates.
Three axis, 360 deg. camera rotation, +/- 45 deg. camera tilt, 360 deg. unit rotation, dovetail mounted, no tools needed. Wt. 2.7 lbs.
Ht. from top of dovetail plate to top of camera mount:
D plates=3.95"
V plates=3.65"

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Guide scope rings

600 SEK

DVR108 Guide Scope Rings.
Works with Losmandy D  Style.
108mm (4.25") I.D. rings with three point adjustment.  Adjustment screws made of 7075 aluminum (85% stronger then 6061), with machined 1/4" Delrin tips.
Wt. 29 oz per set, 2 rings per set, dovetail mounted, no tools needed.
Ht. from top of dovetail plate to center of rings:
D plates=3.437"

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Astrodon Filters

Price: 6800 SEK for both.

Threaded 1.25" NB filters in excellent new condition.

Astrodon H-Alpha 3nm.

Astrodon SII 3nm.

Price: 3500 SEK per filter.

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